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Did you know that in his over 20 years of research of the most rich and successful people in the world, the legendary Napoleon Hill concluded that the ONE uniting factor that all these wealthy people had in common was intuition.

This study was done decades ago, yet society continues to remain skeptical when it comes to matters of intuition.

Perhaps a more scientific perspective would help…

So get this.

Laura SilvaJohn Mihalasky, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology conducted a study on intuition on a group of big-time CEOs.

What he found was that CEOs who performed best on intuition tests also tended to be the most successful and were a whopping 226% more efficient at making money!

There is no doubt about it. Intuition is a major contributing factor to success and fulfilling your life purpose.

So, there really is no better time than now to start listening to your intuition 😉

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Hear what Regina has to say about the Silva Intuition System:

“My goal for using the Silva Intuition System was simply to enhance my intuition. As I learned more and more and could plainly see that it was really happening. I was beside myself to learn that I really was influencing energy! I finished the intuition course feeling confident. My confidence is up 1000%!”

Don’t think that the only use of the Silva Intuition System is used only for material gains. Remember, I have been using it extensively to make the right decisions about treating cancer and it has worked beyond great.

How will you use the Silva Intuition System?

Silva Intuition System

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