Stop Cancer In Its Tracks

Stop Cancer In Its TracksI am proud to finally announce the publication of Stop Cancer in Its Tracks: Healthy Cells Grow All By Themselves. “Finally” refers to the fact that I worked on this book every day for many months in 1997, when I was living with bladder cancer.

When it looked like I was going to be in remission, I started to shop the book around to a large group of publishers without any results. I self-published it for a while and noted that more than 30,000 people had visited my website over the years.

The book tells the story of my journey through cancer. In reality, the journey is on-going, as I have examinations every year.

Stop Cancer in its Tracks is a study in mindfulness in healing. My hope is to inspire people to take charge of their own healing (with mindfulness or otherwise) and to employ as many healing modalities as they can tolerate physically, emotionally and psychologically.

My case was an exercise in social and emotional intelligence with regard to facing a life-threatening illness. The many forms of alternative medicine therapies that I engaged in had a significant effect on my healing experience.

For example, meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic, Feldenkrais, massage, visits to shamans and other types of “faith” healers, dance, art, music, exercise, tennis, retreats, and many other alternative therapies provided an extended platform for me to heal.

Who is to say whether it was the surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and doctor visits and consultations or the alternative medicine that actually extended my life beyond cancer?

My feeling, which you could call a “theory” if you want, is that everything taken together resulted in a total remission. All of the treatments, conventional or otherwise, worked together in harmony to produce a wonderful result. The treatments themselves each contributed a branch to the tree of my recovery.

This is not the first time I experienced an unusual healing. In 1976 my son, Micah, age 7,  was stricken with a kidney cancer known as a Wilm’s tumor. His five year life expectancy was nil. Yet he is now completely cured and living in New York.

Would you believe that the secret to his success was none other than the practices of “mind stories” – guided meditations designed for children?

If you know anyone dealing with cancer or any other life-threatening illness, please share this book with them. I’ll be happy to offer a complimentary copy to anyone who is financially strapped due to illness or can’t afford a mere $9.97.

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Stop Cancer In Its Tracks: Healthy Cells Grow All By Themselves

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