U4BA (Euphorbia Peplus): The Milkweed Cure For My Skin Cancer

Note: this is the continuation of The Milkweed Cure For My Skin Cancer. I went into the dermatology office yesterday (April 3), fully expecting nothing to be done. I felt confident that the milkweed cure for skin cancer actually work. When the person at the desk want me to sign a document releasing the dermatology group […]

The Milkweed Cure For My Skin Cancer

Since I had cancer in 1997, I’ve learned that healthy cells grow all by themselves if we let them. We can help them by being mindful of our breathing and being mindful of our body. Mindfulness in healing, along with exercise, proper nutrition, and sound sleep are splendid ways to keep your body in top […]

Guided Meditation For Symptom Relief

This video is another one from Kelly Howell. This one helps us with self-healing and symptom relief. Guided meditation for symptom relief can be used in conjunction with standard medical treatment. It should not be used alone. It is based on three principles which we should keep in mind when we practice meditation for healing. […]