U4BA (Euphorbia Peplus): The Milkweed Cure For My Skin Cancer

Note: this is the continuation of The Milkweed Cure For My Skin Cancer.

I went into the dermatology office yesterday (April 3), fully expecting nothing to be done. I felt confident that the milkweed cure for skin cancer actually work.

When the person at the desk want me to sign a document releasing the dermatology group for consequences of the surgery, I noticed a statement that I had been told all the alternatives. This was a red flag to me, so I asked what these alternatives were.

I was led into a treatment room where, Dr. Holly Christman was going to meet me and discuss the alternatives. When she came in, she said that for squamous cell carcinoma, there were none. I asked her about radiation and she told me that radiation is recommended only in cases where surgery is not an option. The radiation treatment lasts from four to six weeks and takes 15 minutes each day.

Dr. ScullyWhen she saw the size of the growth, she told me that there could be cancer cells underneath. When I told her that I had applied euphorbia peplus to the skin cancer, she seemed a little perplexed and wanted Dr. Scully to see it.

Dr. Scully came into the treatment room, and after appropriate greetings, I took out my iPhone, opened KK’s email, followed the link to the Wikipedia page, and show her that the active ingredient was ingenol mebutate. This sparked an enthusiastic response during which she started to tell me about some exciting new topical drugs to treat skin cancer.

She left the room, wanting to get the information about the new skin cancer treatments. She also wanted to look at the slides of the squamous cell carcinoma that she took three week prior. I also wanted to look at the slides.

When she came back, she gave me an information brochure of a company that had made a gel of ingenol mebutate that was approved for treatment of actinic keratosis, but not for squamous cell or basal cell carcinoma.

After considering the size of the site and the superficial nature of the skin cancer, she concluded that we didn’t have to do anything that day and we should keep a watchful eye on the site.

Thanks to KK and milkweed (euphorbia peplus), I left the office having saved taxpayers, Social Security, and Medicare a bundle of money.

I felt a sense of euphorbia (U4BA), oops, I mean euphoria (U4EA) for the rest of the day. My mindfulness, intuition, and willingness to try an alternative therapy ruled the day.

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