The Nature of Religion

This quote from Karen Armstrong, a noted commentator on world religions, follows on the tail of the recent article, Joanna Macy Talks about The Kingdom of Shambhala. In that article, we learned that we must act as bhodhisattvas and take up the challenge of becoming a Shambhala warrior. Now, Karen Armstrong is telling us the […]

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

In the words of Jesus, we are taught to love our neighbors as ourselves. These days, many people are so miserable that they don’t love themselves. Instead, they find someone else to blame and go off to create more misery for other people. The are caught in a self-destructive cycle of self-hate and don’t even […]

What Christianity is Missing

Today is my continuation day! I am celebrating with my wife, son, and daughter. We will spend some of the time in the lovely Napa Valley. Just eleven days ago, my wife and I returned from a wonderful gastronomic tour of the Catalan region of Spain. We spent ten nights in Barcelona, where my other […]

The Kingdom Of God – A New Interpretation

Many of us have heard the saying of Jesus in the bible, “The Kingdom of God is at hand!” What does this mean? Research into the subject produced only conflicting and contradictory ideas. It seems that Christian scholars don’t know what it is. Perhaps they actually do and desire to keep it a secret from us. Perhaps […]