Empty of What?

When Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh talks about the Buddhist concept of emptiness, he always asks the question, “Empty of what?” Much of the time the answer is “Empty of a separate existence.” This means that nothing exists in isolation without interaction with everything else. If something did, we would never be able to access […]

You Are Life Just as it Is

Here’s poem today from Mooji that teaches that you are life just as it is. Mooji was born Anthony Paul Moo-Young in Jamaica in 1954. He was a street artist in the “West End” of London town for many years. Sri Harilal Poonja, the renowned advaita master, or Papaji, as his followers call him was […]

Who Is Mooji?

In this video, Dennis doesn’t exist! Is he crazy or what? Everyone broke out laughing and you will too. The video features satsang with Mooji. He teaches the direct experience of being. This is my first post about Mooji. Who is Mooji?   Here is some information about him. Anthony Paul Moo-Young, known as Mooji, […]