Tapping Teaches Us To Accept Ourselves Just As We Are

In this video, Nick Ortner is interviewed by his sister, Jessica.

Jessica Ortner is the host for the 2013 Tapping World Summit beginning on February 4, 2013.

Tapping can be used to help people with problems like pain relief, weight loss and financial troubles.

It is not that tapping actually treats these problems directly. Nick states,

But the underlying thing that’s happening with our bodies, with our minds, is that when we don’t feel safe for some reason, when there’s a trauma, when there’s a limiting belief, when there’s something negative that happened in our past, when we have stress in our current situation or we create stress about the future, when all that happens our body doesn’t feel safe.

When it doesn’t feel safe that tension builds up and we don’t move forward. What we’re doing by doing the tapping is really realigning the body, mind and spirit to feel safe, to let go of those things from the past.

After beginning the tapping demonstration he tells us that tapping teaches us to accept ourselves just as we are:

… I’ve experienced again and again with tapping, and it goes even beyond tapping, the moment that we accept ourselves as we are is the moment we can change. That’s the moment where everything can shift.

Tapping World Summit Video Series - Nick Ortner
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My daily practice includes a segment on loving kindness meditation. I say to myself, “I experience love, joy, wonder and wisdom in this life just as it is!” This helps me to accept myself just as I am, like Nick states in the interview.

Please watch the video and share your experience.

What did you learn from the interview? How can you apply it to your life today?

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