Teachings of the Buddha

In today’s lesson, we learn some of the teachings of the Buddha that have come to me from generous dharma teachers, Zen masters, and other resources. The first is from Roshi Joan Halifax:

What the Buddha Taught

The Buddha taught that we should practice helping others while cultivating deep concentration, compassion, and wisdom. He further taught that enlightenment is not a mystical, transcendent experience but an ongoing process, calling for intimacy and transparency; and that suffering diminishes when confusion and fear change into openness and strength.

—Joan Halifax, “The Lucky Dark”

Sterling Silver Buddha

Sterling Silver Buddha
Photo by Jerome Freedman

Here is another from Tricycle Magazine:

How You Develop the Heart

Whatever experience is present / you clearly see right there, / right there— / not taken in, / unshaken: / that’s how you develop the heart.

– Shakyamuni Buddha, “View of an Auspicious Day”

And, here is one fromthe Majjhima Nikaya, The Middle-Length Discourses of the Buddha,
Number 22

Having arrived at the far shore, he might think thus: This raft was very helpful to me. Suppose I were to haul it onto dry land, or set it adrift in the water and then go wherever I want. Now, monks, it is by doing so that the man would be doing what should be done with that raft. And so have I shown you how the Dharma is similar to a raft. Being for the purpose of crossing over, not for the purpose of grasping.
-The Buddha

and finally,

Cease from Evil, Do Good, and Do Good for Others
-The Buddha

What is your favorite quote from the Buddha and how do you use it in your life and your practice?

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