The Benefit of Meditation

Where do we look for the benefit of meditation?

Is it in our ability to sit for hours at a time and not budge?

Is it in our excellent record of retreat attendance?

Is it in life itself?

Sharon Salzberg tells us…


“The place to look for the benefit of meditation is in your life, not necessarily  in that formal period of practice.   

“You may not be sitting in bliss when you’re meditating, but you’ll find you’re different in the way you speak to yourself when you’ve made a mistake. You’re more resilient. You’re kinder when you meet a stranger.  

“That’s really why you meditate.” 

~Sharon Salzberg

When we feel more calm and at ease in our daily life, we are experiencing the benefit of our meditation.

When we act with loving kindness, compassion, generosity and gratitude, we are experiencing the benefit of our meditation.

When we learn to forgive ourselves and others for the little things that annoy us, we are experiencing the benefit of our meditation.

There are many times in our lives that the benefit of meditation creates a sense of joy and happiness.

Can you think of several moments since you began reading this articles and the beginning of this day?

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