Enneagram Point 8 – The Boss

To celebrate the redesign of the Enneagram Instrument website, we are offering this excerpt of Point Eight on the enneagram.

Habits of Heart and Mind of the Boss

Enneagram Point 8 - The BossPoint Eight on the Enneagram represents the point which is most in touch with it’s anger. Eight’s are pretty sure of their own position and do what they can to make us see things their way. Where as the One would say, “there is one right way” to do something or set up an organization, the Eight would say, “my way is the right way!” From the Six point of view, Eight’s can be quite imposing, but I have found that there is a vulnerable spot in most of the Eight’s I have come in contact with.

The basic proposition for the Eight is that one must gain respect, assure protection, and hide vulnerability in a hard, unjust world by being strong, powerful and confrontive.

The Eight’s attention goes outward and focused on whatever or whoever has the power in any given situation, and to what action needs to be taken. Eight’s appear to others as going to extremes and being excessive in all of their activities, but not according to their inner experience. That is, what you or I might think to be excessive, say in sex, or food, or outward expression of energy, seems quite normal to an Eight. I have heard many Eight’s talk about this apparent paradox. Their all or nothing style of … [Read More…]

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