The Buddha

The story of the life of the Buddha has been told many times.

It is the story of a prince who left his home and family to seek liberation.

After six years of learning with many teachers, he became tired and weak from austerities.

He sat at the foot of a papilla (fig) tree to seek the end of suffering. This tree has been named, the “bodhi tree,” or the three of enlightenment. I had the honor of visiting a descendent of the bodhi tree planted in 288 BC in Bodh Gaya.

After his enlightenment, the Buddha taught for 45 years.

What did you think of this story of the Buddha?

Do you think that Buddhism is a religion, even without a god?

Did this story motivate you to start meditating?

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This is the best book I know about the life of the Buddha. It was supposed to be made into a feature-length movie. I don’t know what happened to the movie.

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