The Choice is Ours

Jacques Fresco and the Venus Project have come up with a series of documentary films called, “The Choice is Ours.” The preview is available in this article and we should all watch it and decide for ourselves whether we want a health planted with a resource based economy or continue on as usual. I can’t wait to see the whole story.

The series shows an optimistic vision of the world if we apply science and technology for the benefit of all people and the environment.

Interviews by a variety of scientists, media professionals, and other thinkers explores a variety of issues that are of social, economic, and  technical interest.   As a species we command a vast arsenal of technologies that few can comprehend beyond the scope of the average consumer.  We hope these episodes are informative and compels the viewer to rethink what’s possible in our world.  To question the values, behaviors, origins and consequences of our social structures is of vital importance to our survival as we look to the future.  Part 1 is an introduction and discussion of determinants of behavior.  Part 2 is a breakdown of problems in our present system; an obsolete monetary system.  It covers the media as a tool of the established political and economic elite, corruption of all politics in all nations, and environmental challenges.  Part 3, to be out later this year and will show solutions and proposals and will depict and illustrate Jacques Fresco’s life work to redesign the culture.

The preview teaches us that we are destroying the Earth fifty percent faster than it is regenerating. Elsewhere, we have learned that the Earth can recuperate in one or two-hundred million years without humans. So the Earth will be fine if we are unable to survive as a species.

We must make a stand for a resource based economy or our species will vanish just like the glaciers. For more information see the following articles:

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What can we do to make the right choice? How can we influence the people who think only of themselves and their bank accounts? What actions can we take to make our voices heard? What are your thoughts about this?

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