Enneagram Point 7 – The Epicure

To celebrate the redesign of the Enneagram Instrument website, we are offering this excerpt of Point Seven on the enneagram.

Habits of Heart and Mind of the Epicure

Enneagram Point 7 - The EpicurePoint Seven on the Enneagram is probably the most optimistic point of all! This is the point of eternal youth, the epitome of Peter Pan! Sevens are fun-loving, charming and care-free, and have a remarkable ability to reframe their negative experiences to give them a positive meaning. They move through live at such a fast pace that boredom for them equals pain.

The basic proposition for the Seven is that one can and must avoid fear and pain by escaping into pleasurable options, multiple possibilities, and a rich imagination.

The Seven’s attention goes to multiple options and the interconnection and interrelationships of people and gluttoninformation. Their thinking moves from the specific to the general, especially while planning their next great adventure. They move in the direction of pleasure in the present and planning for fun in future possibilities. They are extremists, whose values are self-oriented, inner-directed, and organized towards feeling good.

The Sevens are preoccupied with excitement, enjoyment, and experiencing life to the fullest, even the up side of painful situations.  [Read More...]

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Did you find that you have the characteristics of an epicure? What personality type do you have? We’d like to hear from you.

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