The Global Power Shift Is Coming

This message came to me from I first reported on their work in Three Numbers You Should Know About Global Warming at the end of April. I have been following them ever since.

I want to share the full text of the message with you because I found the video so moving. I hope you do too!

Last month, something incredible happened.‘s global network brought together 500 climate activists from 134 countries in Istanbul for “Phase 1” of the Global Power Shift, kicking off a coordinated wave of climate activism in every corner of the globe.

Watch this two minute video to get a glimpse of what happened.

 Over the coming weeks and months, these folks will be holding meetings around the world to organize mobilizations, launch campaigns, and plan national summits as part of Phase 2 of Global Power Shift. (US Power Shift is an event by and for youth that is taking place in Pittsburgh in October. Click here to find out more and to join.)

As we continue to raise the heat on the fossil fuel industry here in the United States, it’s important to remember that we are joined by millions more people around the globe doing the same thing. We may not see them every day in our work, but all the same, we are standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the same fight for justice.

This video is the best reminder of our global power that I’ve seen in a long time — definitely take two minutes to watch and share the video, and remember that no matter how tough the odds, none of us are alone in this fight.


Phil for the whole team at

P.S. – Summer Heat, a wave of mass mobilization against fossil fuels is underway this week. Big actions are planned in 10 different states across the country, targeting all parts of the fossil fuel industry. Click here to be a part of this surge of grassroots energy:

The global power shift is coming! What are you going to do about it? Here are some ideas:

  1. Either divest yourself of fossil fuel stocks or put aside the money you earn from them to donate to and similar organizations.
  2. Find out what activities in your city that you can participate in and join in.
  3. Spread the word about the harmful nature of fracking to everyone you know.
  4. Help this and related posts go viral by sharing it with your friends.
  5. Sign The Declaration of Interdependence.

Which one will you do today?

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