The Government’s Reaction to Covid-19

I believe that the government’s reaction to Covid-19 was irresponsible, late and smells of incompetence. For example, the pandemic warning was broadcast by the outbreak risk software, Bluedot, on December 31, 2019 and was completely ignored by the powers that be. This is just one of the many shortcomings, lies and cover-ups in the president of the United States’ response to the Corona virus.

According to 60 Minutes, California didn’t believe what the president said in March: “We’re prepared and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away, just stay calm.” Despite what the government said, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom took independent action and saved the lives of thousands of people.

Salute to Health Workers in Marin County, CA
Photo by Mala

If the president had followed the example of Governor Newsom, perhaps many thousands of lives could have been spared. Governor Newsom combined the artificial intelligence information from Outbreak Science (from Bluedot, a Toronto-based company) and researchers from Esre and Facebook to locate possible troublesome spots in California. He could track whether people were staying at home and could tell when they were gathering in places where they shouldn’t be. Unlike Florida, the beaches were closed and parks were cordoned off.

Now, I’m asking, “Why didn’t the Federal Government at least take advantage of what Bluedot and California had to offer for fighting against the virus? Why are they so anxious to remove the quarantine? Why have they turned this into a political issue in a situation where everyone one of them could be easily infected with the virus? Are they waiting for someone in their family to become ill? Don’t they realize that we are all in this together?”

It may not be too late to implement California’s action plan, but it is not too late to prevent the virus from spreading further. Taking action on the latest data from Bluedot may prevent premature lightening of quarantine restrictions.

Note: I am sending this to my senators and congressman and hope you will join me in doing so. If you follow my example, I’ll be happy to send you a PDF copy of my latest book, Mindfulness Breaks: Your Path to Awakening! Just contact me at for a free copy.

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