The Healing Mind

The Healing Mind

The Healing Mind with Martin Rossman, M.D. is a new program on national public television which premiered last night in San Francisco on KQED. Marty was present during the pledge segments of the program and spoke very elegantly about the Healing Mind Prescription, which can be had for a donation of only $156.

The Healing Mind is a program about how we can reduce stress in our lives and learn to “worry good,” rather than continue to worry about things that we can’t change. The eight step program is easy to follow and Marty makes it clear how this can be done.

I have been close friends with Marty since we met at a children’s play at Marin Country Day School in May of 1986. Rachael and Marisa were four years old then and Jessica was not yet two. The girls recognized each other from their class at Marin Horizon School and Marty and I began talking. I learned that he was a physician and was practicing acupuncture and guided imagery in his private practice. We connected quickly with our common interest in visualization, mindfulness and meditation. Over the years of our friendship, we have gone vacations together and continue to spend our holidays in each other’s homes.

Marty has also been our primary care physician for about five years – ever since our doctor went on maternity leave and never returned to practice. He is a great guy, a wonderful speaker and a true friend. When I first had cancer in 1997, he came to the hospital on Superbowl Sunday and cancelled his patients the next Friday so he could be present when my doctor pronounced my diagnosis. During my 2014 episode of cancer, he treated me with acupuncture before my chemotherapy injections and they really made a difference in my toleration of the drugs.

Marty also wrote the foreword for my book, Healing Cancer with Your Mind: 7 Strategies to Help YOU Survive.

I urge to watch this program and support your local PBS station.

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Martin Rossman M.D.

As seen on Public Television!

Our brains are hardwired for worry. At its best, worry helps us reflect on and solve a problem. But for many, worry creates a negative cycle of unnecessary suffering. Now, based on cutting-edge research and proven clinical techniques, Dr. Martin Rossman has devel…

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