The Natural State of Things

Once again, we have words of wisdom from Lama Surya Das on the natural state of things. I find this quote to be very compelling.

We are often taught that mindfulness is non-judgmental awareness of the present moment and to experience life just as it is, in the natural state of things.

Dzogpa Chenpo is how things actually are. Things left just as they are. The natural state.  How things actually are, their true mode of being. The great knowledge holder, lineage master Jigme Lingpa, the fearless master who lived three hundred years ago in Tibet, said, “Teachings about Dzogchen are many. Knowers of Dzogchen are few.” [The] great Khenpo Ngawang Palzang, disciple of Patrul Rinpoche, the great Dzogchen master, said, “Dzogchen is extremely simple, but not easy.” It is easy for anybody to point to the sky. It is easy for anybody to say something about Dzogchen and how everything is perfect in its true nature. But most people see the finger and they don’t see the sky. So if you see the finger and you didn’t see the sky, then there is ngondro, refuge, bodhicitta practice, a lot of meditations and purifications to do in order to purify and dispel the obscurations temporarily obscuring our buddha-nature, our own true nature.

 – from Natural Great Perfection: Dzogchen Teachings and Vajra Songs

by Nyoshul Khenpo and Lama Surya Das

Emaho!  Lama Surya Das

Lama Surya Das

Lama Surya Das | Snagged from YouTube

When we live in the natural state of things, we are not bothered by the past. We don’t have to plan for the future. We simply life in the present, just as it is.

I recently saw the movie, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. There is one quote from there that has stuck with me, “There is no present like the time.” We’ve always heard this quite backwards, but this way make more sense in light of the dzogchen teachings.

What do you need to be happy in the present moment? What is keeping you from being natural and fresh?

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Natural Great Perfection: Dzogchen Teachings And Vajra Songs

Nyoshul Khenpo
Lama Surya Das

Dzogchen is the consummate practice of Tibetan Buddhism. A pure awareness practice applicable to any circumstance and readily integrated into modern life, Dzogchen directly introduces us to the inherent freedom, purity, and perfection of being that is our true nature. Natural Great Perfection[Read More…]

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