Enneagram Point 5 – The Observer

To celebrate the redesign of the Enneagram Instrument website, we are offering this excerpt of Point Five on the enneagram.

Habits of Heart and Mind of the Observer

Enneagram Point 5 - The ObserverMy experience with Five’s goes back to my childhood. My father was a Five who exhibited a lot of the qualities described below. Five’s have this uncanny ability to observe what is happening in their lives and then retreat inside to determine how they feel only when they are alone and after sometime has gone by. Five’s can sometimes be quite charming and humorous, as was my dad.

The basic proposition for a Five is to protect themselves from intrusion and feelings of inadequacy by trying to maintain privacy, self-sufficiency, and compartmentalizing life. Five’s also want to limit their desires and wants in so that they have nothing to loose.avarice

The Five’s attention is outside of himself, observing the environment and to thinking intellectual thoughts, thus staying focused in their heads. They purposefully reduce their feelings in the present and hoard their private time so that they can closely examine them when they are alone. They appear to be detached from life. Five’s tend to compartmentalize their lives according to things, times, relationships, mental activities, and feelings. They thus seem to be self-content, self-sufficient, and self-contained.

The above placements of attention give rise to habitual thinking along the lines of acquiring and hoarding their private time and space. They focus on limiting their dependency on other people and their desires needs and wants.  [Read More…]

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