The Power of Intuition

My friend told me a story the other night which demonstrates the power of intuition. I was completely blown away and I want to meet the chap that made such as stunning observation.

The chap’s name, for the purposes of this demonstration, is Joe. Joe, now 37,  grew up in a family of six: an older sister and younger brother and sister twins.

His life is going along smoothly, as he was raised in a good family. He got an engineering degree from an outstanding engineering program in California and has made a significant living from it. His passion is collecting and racing cars and he lives alone in a fabulous condo in San Francisco, not far from where he works. His girlfriend lives further north and has two children from a prior marriage.

Over the holidays, he was at a party at his parent’s house up north. There he met a man (call him Peter) and he got a strange feeling being with him. He and Peter talked a long time about cars, racing, family and of course, the upcoming administration.

The next day, he asked his father (call him Al) to get a DNA test to determine if Al was his birth father. The results of the DNA test showed that Al was not Joe’s birth father, although he raised Joe in good faith that he was. In reality, Al was a great father.

From what this test revealed, Joe realized that Peter was his birth father. Joe learned that Peter has a daughter in her mid 20’s and the two would love to have more contact with each other.

Utilizing the power of intuition can really change your life.

You know that small still voice inside of you that nags you when you are not doing something in your own or a loved one’s best interest? Lissa Rankin calls the “Your Inner Pilot Light.” This is what you need to start listening to on a regular basis.

Following your intuition is also one of the nine factors of radical remission researched by Dr. Kelly Turner and taught in her Radical Remission online course. It is not just about cancer — it is about how to stay healthy and live a long, productive life.

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