The Spiritual Awakening of Jean Houston

In this video, we learn about the spiritual awakening of Jean Houston as she speaks with Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday. We learn that Jean Houston describes herself as an “evocateur of the possible” and a “midwife of souls.”

Her first spiritual awakening began at age 6. Jean locked herself in a closet when she got in trouble with the nuns at her Catholic School. She began to cry and pray for a miracle and promised to give up candy if something would happen.

After she stepped out of that closet, she says,

“Suddenly, the whole world shifted. I didn’t see anything different. I didn’t hear anything different… I was six years old. But suddenly the whole world moved into meaning. Literally, all of reality was there and it was all moving together and it was very very good and I was in the universe of fellowship in which everything was joyous and part of a great tremendous unity in which I was a part in the state of blessed childhood awareness.”

When I was eight, I had a similar experience of spiritual awakening. I was in the yard of the Miriam Hebrew Academy in St. Louis waiting for class to begin. It was a bright sunny day in the beginning of September, so it was still rather hot. The other children were playing happily but I had no friends there. I looked up towards the building and my mind went blank. I felt a tremendous bolt of something that brought me into the immediate present. The “I” disappeared and my body was filled with joy.

From then on, I felt that I was a kid from another world. The kids around me knew nothing of this powerful experience. They always called me, “Jerry Freakman!”

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