The Theory Of Awesomeness

I don’t often dedicate a whole article to an infographic, but this one from Vishen Lakhiani and Mindvalley are worth sharing. It demonstrates the theory of awesomeness, which we have already summarized in The Four States Of Mind.

Vishen says,

Are you living in flow?

And if not what must happen before you can achieve that perpetual state of happiness and joy?

Too often we defer much of our happiness to the future, when we finally “achieve” our goals…

But in reality, the key influence on happiness is your primary state of being.

Which of the 4 states are you in most of the time?


This new infographic is based on the Theory of Awesomeness video by Vishen Lakhian, CEO and founder of Mindvalley.

Vishen reveals the 4 states of being and how you can find yourself more in that ultimate state of flow.

Here’s what you’ll experience by being in flow:

– Your happiness levels soaring
– Your day unfolding perfectly
– Feeling so optimistic about your future
– You aspire to aim for even higher goals
– Every interaction you have going amazingly well
– and much more!

The infographic is a one page guide to getting everything you want in life and becoming who you truly want to be.

Won’t you please take a moment to share your thoughts about this article? Thanks in advance.

May you experience happiness and the causes of happiness.

Dr. Jerome Freedman

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