The Truth About Vaccines

Last Friday, I heard a terrible story which reveals the truth about vaccines.

A little five-year-old girl was required to be vaccinated with a series of five injections a few weeks ago. Her mother really didn’t want her to be vaccinated at all, but was forced to have them in order for her child to attend school. She chose to only have one of them and with great trepidation, the girl got this first injection.

She immediately started crying in a way she had never cried before. These were tears of great suffering and something the mother hadn’t seen before. The mother was very frightened and tried to comfort the child as best she could, but to no avail. The girl was inconsolable.

After some time, the mother finally calmed her down enough to leave the doctor’s office and return home. The girl continued to cry as they drove home, but not like the fit she raised when she was stuck with the needle.

Three hours later, she started to shake. This was the kind of shaking that is similar to an epileptic fit and they were occurring with regular intervals for some hours. I have no clue how the mother finally got the girl to sleep! This shaking continued for many days before the mother took her to see Dr. Sara Gordon, a functional medicine doctor who offered some relief through acupuncture and supplements. I am unsure about the girl’s current state, but I know that every medical doctor that she saw denied the vaccine had anything to do with the shaking! They refused to see the causal relationship between the vaccine and the shaking.

This is why you should watch The Truth About Vaccines starting tomorrow, presented by Ty Bolinger and the folks that produced The Truth About Cancer.

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