The WellBe

Announcing The WellBe, a revolutionary new product and patent pending wearable technology. The WellBe is a digital bracelet using a heart rate monitor and mobile app to detect and determine a person’s stress level based on time, location and responses to specific people. It is combined with personalized, customized meditations and well-being exercises designed to release the stress immediately.

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The WellBe

The WellBe is an elegant, light-weight bracelet and mobile app designed to support your emotional well-being. Find out what your stress triggers are and learn personalized meditation and other well-being exercises to release stress and help you calm down immediately.


The WellBe

The WellBe

“This is a product that will help the user calm down in minutes,” said Zach Sivan, Co-founder and CEO of Insalveo, the manufacturer. “We’re very excited about this breakthrough product and patent pending technology,” he said.

Sivan said that Insalveo is offering a pre-market launch CrowdFunding opportunity to first backers via Indiegogo – “to introduce this revolutionary new product into the market and offer an ownership opportunity to people of all socio-economic levels. The WellBe affords people the real chance to contribute to human well-being through a product representing a breakthrough in the stress relief of a stressed-out society.”

“By backing The WellBe,” said Sivan to prospective backers, “you’re not only becoming its first owners – you’re also helping to advance a real solution to millions of people who suffer from stress and are seeking an effective way with which it can be dealt.”

The WellBe represents a revolution and breakthrough in apps technology,” said Doron Libshtein, Co-Founder and Chairman of Insalveo. “This is more than accessing generalized well-being information,” he said. “This is about gaining specific individualized well-being information that then providing a solution via customized meditations and other exercises designed to immediately relieve stress.”

Special Offer

Anyone who would like to support this project and places an order in Indiegogo is eligible to receive a free copy of Stress Relief Guided Meditation. Simply send a copy of your receipt to jerome [at] and you will receive a link to download the guided meditation by return email.

Stress Relief Guided Meditation

Discover a Revolutionary Technology That Lets You Experience All The Benefits Of Stress Relief Without Medication

You Can Easily Learn How to

  • breathe deeply from your abdomen
  • bring your attention into your breath, body and feelings
  • create a relaxing scene for you to return to at will
  • scan your body to achieve a state of total relaxation
  • recognize stress and the causes of stress
  • breathe into the stress and let it go
Stress Relief Guided Meditation

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