The Wild New You

Martha Beck has a wonderful new course called, “The Wild New You,” which you’ll find if you click on the button below.

In this class, you will learn the Four Technologies of Magic that are mentioned in the following video:

Martha says in class four or the “Wild New You”,

If you want to be in the new consciousness, just know that your Being will always tell you when you’re not doing your magic right, because you will feel small and helpless and powerless and hurt and angry and sad… and there will be no loving you. And that’s the prompt you can’t ignore. Even if you can ignore it for a while, it gets bigger and bigger; and then there you are in your room feeling like a tiny little helpless point of pain.

And that’s the time when you are being given your cue: Use your wild self. Use the part of you that we didn’t know existed in the 20th century, not in our culture.Go into the wild place, dropping the Wordlessness. Picture yourself going down, down to the bottom of the ocean where it’s still and quiet and you’re completely comfortable because that’s where your magic lives and you’re at home there. And you can feel the Oneness of your consciousness creating everything you see and connecting with all other consciousness in beautiful love.
~Martha Beck, Class Four: Forming of The “Wild New You” eCourse

The core technologies of the course are

  • Wordlessness
  • Oneness (or, as we would say, interbeing)
  • Imagination
  • Forming

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