We Are in Deep Trouble

I just finished watching Origins, a movie about our roots, our planet, and our future. It made me cry as I thought about how we are in deep trouble.

We are in deep trouble with our food system. This puts us in deep trouble with our health and our medical systems. This means that big pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars and doctors and hospitals make lots of money because we are so sick. We are sick with cancer. We are sick with obesity. We are sick with diabetes. We are sick with heart disease.

All of these illnesses can be traced back to what we eat and environmental factors.

The food we it now is mostly processed food. Why? Because it makes more money for big agricultural cartels (frankenfood companies) and big brother chemical companies like Monsanto. They spend billions of dollars to convince us, our children and our grandchildren that they are good for us. They make us addicted to the sugar content in the processed foods.

Right now, you can watch the movie for free. Please try to do so by November 22.

The main reasons we are in trouble are GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods, too much sugar in just about all processed foods, which are , addicting, and the environmental factors of herbicides, pesticides and more.

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh says,

Meditation is never an escape.
Always it gives us the courage to look at reality with mindfulness and concentration.
Meditation is essential for our survival, our peace, the peace of the world,
and the protection of all that is.

—Thich Nhat Hanh

Here is what you can do right now:

  1. Cut out refined sugar from your diet.
  2. Stop buying processed foods and the frankenfood companies will have to stop making them. For example, boycott Cheerios and donuts.
  3. Shop at farmer’s markets when possible and buy organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible.
  4. When you eat meat, be sure it is from free range animals and prefer organic.
  5. Develop a daily meditation practice because it “is essential for our survival, our peace, the peace of the world, and the protection of all there is.”

Which of these actions that you can do right now appeal to you the most? What else would you add to the list? We must get a discussion going on these topics. Please help.

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