What Do Harrison Ford And Don Cheadle Know That We Should

What do Harrison Ford and Don Cheadle know that we should? Also, what does New York Times writer, Thomas L. Friedman know that we don’t?

What do Plainview, Texas, Syria, and the rainforest in Indonesia have in common?

Watch this season opener of the new Showtime original series Years of Living Dangerously to find out.

Harrison Ford goes to Indonesia to see what is happening to the rainforest there.

Don Cheadle goes to New Mexico and Texas to find out where all the cattle has gone.

Thomas L. Freedman goes to Turkey and Syria to understand the roots of the recent Syrian uprising.

How are these events related? What role to evangelical Christians play? Why is the processed food industry so interested in the Indonesian rainforest?

Even if you don’t have Showtime, you may still be able to watch the premier episode of Years of Living Dangerously from this page. I highly recommend you stop everything, as I did, to watch it.

So, now that you know Plainview, Texas, Syria, and the Indonesian rainforest have in common, what do you think? What are you willing to do about it? Please share this video with everyone you know.

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