What Happened In Myanmar?

Last night, we watched an extremely moving movie called, “The Call It Myanmar: Lifting the Curtain.” The movie tells the story of what happened in Myanmar.

The movie was filmed by Cornell University physics professor and filmmaker Robert H. Lieberman.

It was shot over a period of two years while he was in Myanmar (Burma) to advise an NGO and help with education.

Speaking of education, one of the most disturbing things about the military regime in Myanmar is that they are not promoting education for the poor. Most kids only get one to three years of education. Then they have to work to put food on their family table.

Many young girls and boys are sold into slavery and shipped out of the country. This is quite disturbing.

Myanmar is an extremely wealthy country that has fallen on hard times because of the military dictatorship, which has been in power since 1968.

The people seem to accept their fate because of their religion, which is Buddhism.

The democratic movement under the leadership of Nobel prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi won an election by 85% of the vote, but she was placed under house arrest.

There was once a highly thriving civilization in a place in Burma called Pagan. Pagan had many temples constructed from wood in the surrounding forest. Now the forest has disappeared and the place is in ruins. It is the largest ancient ruin found to date.

I found myself weeping at the end of the movie. I was filled with compassion for the children who can’t go to school and get medical treatment because their families are so impoverished.

Please watch this movie and tell me what you think. You can get it on Netflix.

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