What Is Worth Clinging To?

Bhikkhu Samahita has a lot of Buddha’s teachings on his main website, http://What-Buddha-Said.net. He also sends out a daily email with much of the same material. His email a couple of days ago raised the question in my mind, “What is worth clinging to?”

As you may know, clinging is one of the causes of suffering as outlined by the Buddha in the Four Noble Truths. What we cling to causes us to suffer. This applies also to what we desire, crave, and long for. We also suffer when we don’t get what we want and get what we don’t want. These are all forms of clinging.

Why? Because anything that we might want to cling to is subject to change. It is impermanent and has no substantial existence.

Bhikku Samahit wrote in an email titled, The Terror of being Trapped into Being:


A  good Friend noted:
>it’s tough to let go…

Please then remember what the Buddha once pointed out:
Only suffering arises… Only suffering ceases!

Seeing this, one then understands that: Nothing is Worth Clinging to…
Then it is much more easy to let go, when realizing, that it is only pure suffering,
one separates from. Nothing really good is thus lost. Relinquishing all is the only:
Absolute Freedom; Highest Happiness; and Supreme Peace… Yeah!

The deepest kind of craving & clinging is to that of (re)becoming into a new existence!
Clinging to being in existence itself makes one die and thus suffer again and again…

All phenomena are sure to cease. All being in existence will be cut off by transience.
All becoming is therefore truly a Terror of being Trapped into Being in Existence!

Nothing is Worth Clinging to…

Have a nice & noble day! [Read More…]

So I ask, “What is worth clinging to in your life?” Comment below…

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