What Personality Type Do You Have?

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Enneagram of Personality Types

The Enneagram

The enneagram is a diagram which describes nine distinct personality types and their emotional, spiritual, and mental preoccupations and positive aspects.

In addition to the enneagram of personality types, there are about a 15 different enneagram diagrams that are used for various purposes. These include enneagrams for fixations, passions, holy ideas, virtues, subtypes of the body, mind and emotions, and others.

If you look at the diagram on the left, you may be able to identify yourself as having one of the types. What personality type do you have?

To give you some clues, here are several bullet points about each type.

Personality Types

  1. The Perfectionist
    • Attention goes to what is wrong to correct
    • Critical of self and others
    • Strives for perfection
  2. The Giver
    • Attention goes to the needs of significant others
    • Takes pride in giving to and helping others
    • Neglects his or her own needs for the sake of others
  3. The Performer
    • Attention goes to tasks, even while on vacation or during leisure times
    • Identifies with accomplishment and success
    • Focuses on looking good and having a favorable image
  4. The Tragic Romantic
    • Attention goes to what is missing in life with an accompanying feeling of loss
    • Looks for uniqueness with longing for the ultimate ideal
    • Ignores the present for what might be in the future
  5. The Observer
    • Attention goes to watching and observing
    • Thinking replaces or prepares for doing in advance
    • Reduces and limits needs, wants and desires
  6. The Trooper
    • Attention goes to potential harm, danger, and threats
    • Either phobic (moves away from) or counter-phobic (moves towards) fearful experiences
    • Concerned with safety and security
  7. The Epicure
    • Attention goes to what is positive and to future possibilities
    • Reframes experience and rationalizes own behavior
    • Eternally optimistic
  8. The Boss
    • Attention goes to power, dominance and control of space, time and territory
    • “My way or the highway”
    • Can be aggressive and compulsive
  9. The Mediator
    • Attention goes to making peace in every situation
    • Pleasing and caring for others with difficulty making decisions and saying, “No!”
    • Others positions and opinions are more important than his or her own

Over the next few weeks, we plan to publish an excerpt about each of the types. The descriptions on these pages were originally composed in 1994, shortly after completing the professional certified training with Helen Palmer. They have never been published to the public before.

The Enneagram Instrument first appeared on the web in 1996 and had more than ten-thousand visitors and over 2000 people fill out the Enneagram Instrument questionnaire. In those early days, we had to wait for checks to arrive before we could proceed to use our programs to score the questionnaire and email the results to our customers. Times have changed and we now have the ability to use PayPal for payments and wrote a program to provide instant results.

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Did you find what personality type you have in the short introduction? What personality type do you have? We’d like to hear from you.

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