What’s Wrong With Our Healthcare System

Last Thursday, I saw the movie, Dallas Buyers Club, starring Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, and Jennifer Garner. The story is about Ron Woodroof, a Dallas rodeo performer and electrician. He contracts AIDS and uses all of his available time, energy, and material resources to bring in alternative medicines and share with other AIDS victims. He forms the Dallas Buyers Club to circumvent the idea that he is selling these remedies. Instead, he only charges a minimum membership fee and runs his “illegal” business on a shoestring.

I loved the way Jennifer Garner, who played the part of Dr. Eve Saks, came around to see the value of alternative medicine in AIDS cases. She courageously stood up to the F·D·A, the pharmaceutical company that manufactured AZT (the only drug authorized to treat AIDS), and the hospital she worked in.

I left the movie feeling quite distressed and wondering what’s wrong with our healthcare system that someone diagnosed with a fatal disease is unable to take drugs and other treatments such as herbs and botanicals not approved by the F·D·A.

From 2007-2010, I served on the Board of Directors of the Marin AIDS Project. During that time of service, I learned a lot about HIV and AIDS as well as what the main problems for HIV positive people are. They are always in need of money. Please give generously.

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

The corruption of big pharmaceutical companies and the F·D·A is still going on in full swing, as the video below demonstrates. It is about the true story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. He won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the F·D·A in American history.

Dr. Burzynski’s treatment revolves around what are called Antineoplastons. These are a group of peptides, peptide derivatives, and mixtures that he uses as an alternative cancer treatment.

Dr. Burzynski is still facing problems with the F·D·A as the United States government is still prosecuting him. Please watch this preview also.

What do you think about Dr. Burzynski’s treatment? What’s wrong with our healthcare system? What is your opinion? What can we do about it? Please share.

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