9 Ways To Stop Worrying

Now that the holidays are over and many people are back to their normal lives, it may be difficult to keep the spirit of the holidays high. Negative emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, depression, stress, and anger may begin to emerge once more. Even worse, the holidays may have brought little or no relief from these energy destroyers.

My friend, Dr. Marty Rossman has given us wonderful advice about worry in his book, The Worry Solution. In the Read More…]

For number 8, watch the following video for your benefit. Enjoy it often, then proceed to Second Mindfulness Meditation Practice.

Which of the above ways to stop worrying you are most likely to try? Why? Please talk to me 🙂

The Worry Solution: Using Breakthrough Brain Science to Turn Stress and Anxiety Into Confidence and Happiness
This Book Will Help You Stop Worrying

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