A Story About Gandhi

This is a story about Gandhi. It came to me a while ago from my dharma brother, Paul Tingen.

Read the story then take a look at what I have learned about sugar and cancer.

SugarA mother came to Gandhi and asked him: ‘Dear Gandhi, can you please tell my son not to eat sugar anymore?’ Gandhi paused for a moment and said: ‘Come back in two weeks.’ Two weeks later the mother came back, and Gandhi looked at her son and said to him: ‘Don’t eat any more sugar!’ The woman then asked Gandhi: ‘But why did you not tell him this two weeks ago? I would not have had to make the long journey to you twice!’ Gandhi smiled, and said: ‘I understand, but two weeks ago I was eating sugar…’

This picture is a screen capture from the third episode of The Quest for the Cures… Continues produced by Ty Bollinger and The Truth About Cancer.

Our society is addicted to sugar. Sugar is in just about every item of packaged food in your grocery store. The big package food manufacturers even consult “craveability experts” to insure that you become addicted. See, for example the conversation between John Robbins and Joanna Macy in the Fall, 2014 issue of Inquiring Mind.

Whether you like it or not, it is true. Sugar is a poison. Not only does it cause inflammation, but it also feeds cancer cells. This is probably the most dangerous characteristic of sugar.

Did you know that when you have a PET (positron emission tomography) scan your doctor uses irradiated sugar because he knows that the cancer cells in your body will immediately feed on the sugar? This way, they can spot exactly where your tumor is.

For the past ten months, I have cut way back on sugar. I used to put chocolate chips in my granola until I found out that I had muscle invasive bladder cancer. Then I cut it out cold turkey and most sugar from my diet until about June, when the effects of chemotherapy began to ware off.

By the way, when I was in the chemotherapy delivery room at the Marin Cancer Center, I noticed a few strange things. You could get snacks at any time that were loaded with sugar. You could even get “diet” soft drinks, which are even worse. So while the chemotherapy was destroying the cancer cells, the sugar in the snacks was feeding them. I was even tempted to take one of the cupcakes from a well-known local bakery, but I didn’t.

It was hard at first to resist my wife’s cookies and cakes, but recovery was extremely more essential. Now I eat these things again, but not to the extent that I did before the cancer came back.

For more information, please see Can We Recover from Our Sugar Addiction.

Are you willing to cut way back on your sugar consumption? The best way I know is to stop buying packaged food that contain sugar. What are you going to do about your sugar addiction?

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