Gratitude as a Path to Happiness

In April, 2017 Mrs. Kudo gave a talk at the San Francisco Konko Church about gratitude as a path to happiness and cancer recovery. She had been diagnosed with cancer in 2008. Here treatment was very severe and she lost her hair. With each hair that came out of her head she offered gratitude. She […]

The Truth About Cancer Encore

As you may know by now, I’ve had bladder cancer since 1997 and I still have all my body parts! The Truth About Cancer video series helped me tremendously and I purchased the series two years ago. Please join me in watching the repeat performance! The Truth About Cancer team interviewed over 100 of the […]

You Can Meditate Even If…

You can meditate even if you have thoughts racing through your mind (as they do in mine)! You can meditate even if you have to change your position once in a while. You can meditate even if your child is tugging at your pants. You can meditate even if your bills haven’t been paid and […]

Be Your Own Advocate

The first of the Seven Principles of Mindfulness in Healing from the book, Healing with the Seven Principles of Mindfulness is to be your own advocate. Here is why. What happens when most people hear the words, “You’ve got cancer?” How would you feel if you heard these words? What would you do? What would […]

How to Transform Suffering into an Opportunity for Growth

Here we have more words of wisdom from Robert Emmons. This lesson is on how to transform suffering into an opportunity for growth. He quotes Abraham Maslow, who we heard from recently in The Creative Spirit Of The Self-Actualizer last month. It continues on the gratitude theme from A Gratitude Practice to Increase Happiness from […]

A Story About Gandhi

This is a story about Gandhi. It came to me a while ago from my dharma brother, Paul Tingen. Read the story then take a look at what I have learned about sugar and cancer. A mother came to Gandhi and asked him: ‘Dear Gandhi, can you please tell my son not to eat sugar […]

The Quest for The Cure Continues

The documentary series from The Truth About Cancer, The Quest for the Cure continues tonight at 9 PM EST. Please join me in watching it. You won’t be disappointed. Please watch the video and take a look at the sneak preview of the episodes that have been planned for this release. Episode 1: Modern Medicine […]

Are You Feeding Your Cancer Cells?

Here is another article having to do with Mindfulness in Healing. Consult the related articles links below for more information. A new documentary called the The Quest for The Cures is airing on successive days starting on May 26 through June 1. The purposes of the documentary are: to educate the masses on non-toxic cancer […]

9 Fat Triggers

Meet each of the 9 Fat Triggers brought to you by Jon Gabriel, founder of the Gabriel Code. He is doing a webinar on these next week. He is a biochemical researcher who lost 220 pounds and now dedicates his life to helping others transform their bodies and their lives. The following 9 fat triggers […]

What’s Wrong With Our Healthcare System

Last Thursday, I saw the movie, Dallas Buyers Club, starring Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, and Jennifer Garner. The story is about Ron Woodroof, a Dallas rodeo performer and electrician. He contracts AIDS and uses all of his available time, energy, and material resources to bring in alternative medicines and share with other AIDS victims. He […]