Add Mindfulness to Everything You Do

It’s time for a contest!

The first person who offers a comment with the correct answer to who wrote these words of wisdom will win a valuable prize that is surely gong to help you add mindfulness to everything you do. They come from a trusted source.

I’ve highlighted a couple of phrases that have been topics in other articles on Meditation Practices.

BuddhaWhen you add mindfulness to everything you do, you are strengthening the power of attention. Mindfulness while showering, eating, conversing with others, even walking will enhance your power of attention.

Mindfulness is a way of relating to and understanding ones internal and external experience and has long been used to effectively deal with and overcome the effects of hardships, fear and anger. Mindfulness allows us to understand how to stop recreating what we don’t want in life and what it takes to make great things happen instead.

It is amazing how many people are oblivious to their internal experience and how it influences their every waking moment. Meditating on a daily basis and being mindful of your internal and external experience will be your best mode for becoming more attentive. Once you are satisfied that you have developed your power of attention, then it’s time to take it to the next level and put a lot of attention on what you desire to create and/or manifest.

As you can see, it is important to understand what the monkey mind is trying to tell you and how it’s trying to tell it to you requires you to pay attention to your internal process.

We have seen articles about mindful eating, mindful walking, and many mentions of the importance of daily meditation practice.

The monkey mind is the mind that flits from one thing to another without resting on anything in particular. Zen teachers have been talking about the monkey mind for generations.

Who do you think wrote the words of wisdom about adding mindfulness to everything you do? Why? Your correct answer could win you a prize if you are first one to respond. The contest ends tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, when the answer will be posted.

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