Gabrielle Bernstein Awakens Your Authentic Power

In this video, Gabrielle Bernstein awakens your authentic power. This took place at the Mindvalley Awesomenes Fest.

Gabrielle Bernstein is a renowned author, speaker, yogi, and self-proclaimed “spiritual junkie”, and her incredibly motivating presentation touches on key factors that contribute to true happiness, success, and abundance.

Get ready for one of the most impactful, passion-fueled talks on the road to self-empowerment and spiritual growth that you’ll ever hear.

Watch the inspiring video and learn why tuning into and listening to your almighty inner voice is not only the path to your own awakening, but to that of the planet’s too. As an added bonus, Gabrielle will lead you through a guided meditation that will leave you feeling centered and energized.

The first guided meditation is called the “Breath of Fire,” a practice of Kundalini Yoga. She calls it, the “Ego Eradicator.”

The 5 Sutras of Yogi Bhajan are especially valuable. She offers them with her own interpretation. Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to America in the 1970’s. My wife was one of his devotees and my friend, Ramona is a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

The second meditation is called, “The Inner Conflict Resolver.”

(If you want to get straight to the meditations…the first one starts at 18:22 mins)

You’re going to feel motivated, energized, and open to all that the Universe is bringing to you.

She said this twice in the video: “When you are feeling helpless, help someone.”

So tell me, did this video awaken your authentic power? Does it inspire you to commit to a daily mindfulness practice? If so, how can I serve you?

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