Buddhist Nuns In Plum Village

The lives of Buddhist nuns in Plum Village are beautifully portrayed in this video. Plum Village is also the residence of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay).

This year, marks the thirtieth anniversary of Plum Village. You can read more about it here.

Buddhist Nuns In Plum Village


All my encounters with the Buddhist nuns in Plum Village have been wonderful and inspiring.

In 2000, I happened to be there for the Tet celebration (New Year) and sat with many of them in their living quarters. They offered delicious treats and spoke with kindness and gentleness. At one point, I was moved to tears and shared my feelings with those present.

Buddhist Nuns in Plum Village - 2000

Buddhist Nuns in Plum Village - 2000 | Photo Jerome Freedman

Don’t get me wrong! The Buddhist monks in Plum Village are just as kind and just as generous as the women.

In 2006, I met two of the Buddhist nuns in Plum Village who were Thay’s designated caretakers. One of them was a former physician in Michigan (I think). Their presence during my visit Thay and Sister Chan Khong, they sat quietly and observed us without being in the least bit intrusive.

I highly recommend a visit to Plum Village to witness their inner peace for your self. If not, try going on retreat with Thay when he is here in 2013.

You can also find the same kindness that I experienced in Plum Village at the Deer Park Monastery near Escondido, California or the Blue Cliff Monastery near Pine Bush, New York.

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