For a Future to be Possible

The final session of the Earth Holder Retreat was on the theme of “For a Future to be Possible” on Sunday, May 1 at the Deer Park Monastery. The panel discussion was led by Brother Phap Ho (Brother Protection) and included Kristin Barker (founder of One Earth Sangha), Jayna Gieber (director of “People of the […]

Four Questions on Racial Justice

These four questions on racial justice were pondered by three participants at the Earth Holder Retreat on Saturday, April 30 at the Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, California. What are your personal connections with racial justice? Touching the mud: what are the challenges, feelings and difficulties that you had growing up? When I think about […]

The Three Poisons

The three poisons or the three roots (of suffering) were the subject of Brother Phap Vu‘s dharma talk on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at the Earth Holder Retreat in the Deer Park Monastery. The three poisons are variously translated as shown in the following table (reading down) desire greed attraction hatred ill-will aversion ignorance illusion […]

Garry Shandling was a Buddhist

I did not know that Garry Shandling was a Buddhist until I read this story on the Lion’s Roar website in an article titled, “He Never Said No” – The inside story of Garry Shandling’s Buddhism. It turns out that Garry Shandling was a friend of Brother Phap Hai, a monk in the Plum Village […]

Nurturing Practices

This article is a summary of a wonderful dharma talk on nurturing practices given by Sister Mai Nghiem, a French nun and Dharma Teacher in the Plum Village Tradition. The dharma talk was given on April 29th, 2016 at the Earth Holder Retreat at the Deer Park Monastery last week. I was especially moved by […]

The Importance of Sangha

Tomorrow, I’m going to the Earth Holder Retreat at the Deer Park Monastery where the importance of sangha in Buddhist practice is realized. The Practicing Pamphlet which I received clearly states, We have come to practice together as a community. We do not encourage isolated practices or solo retreats. We are part of a body […]

Love Letter to World Leaders

Dear political leaders on all continents across the full political spectrum Dear business leaders in all sectors of the economy, This is a love letter from one of you: a fellow human, a child of the Earth. My first best friend was our family dog. When I was about 2 years old he disappeared from […]

Three Numbers You Should Know About Global Warming

In my recent article, Mindful Consumption Can Save Mother Earth, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh called our attention to the extent of damage to global warming and water pollution caused by livestock and the political, social, and economic environment around it. Drawing on this article I would like to add that at each monastery founded by Thich Nhat […]

Buddhist Nuns In Plum Village

The lives of Buddhist nuns in Plum Village are beautifully portrayed in this video. Plum Village is also the residence of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay). This year, marks the thirtieth anniversary of Plum Village. You can read more about it here. Buddhist Nuns In Plum Village httpv:// All my encounters with the Buddhist […]