Garry Shandling was a Buddhist

I did not know that Garry Shandling was a Buddhist until I read this story on the Lion’s Roar website in an article titled, “He Never Said No” – The inside story of Garry Shandling’s Buddhism.

It turns out that Garry Shandling was a friend of Brother Phap Hai, a monk in the Plum Village Tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay), became Garry’s friend after Garry attended several retreats at the Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, California.

Brother Phap Hai shares personal insights into Garry Shandling’s Buddhist practice.

I first met Brother Phap Hai at the Miracle of Mindfulness event in San Francisco last October.

He was the featured speaker and gave a wonderful dharma talk to a full house at the Nourse Theater.

He was accompanied by a nun and at the end, Sister Chan Khong gave us an update on Thay’s condition.

Brother Phap Hai also gave the opening remarks at the Earth Holder Retreat two weeks ago.

In the article on the Lion’s Roar website, we learn that Garry Shandling had been instrumental in acquiring the land that is now the Deer Park Monastery by appearing in front of the San Diego city planning council and convincing them that he monks and nuns would live a peaceful life on the property.

Shandling visited Thay and Sister Chan Khong frequently and attended many retreats.

Brother Phop Hai quotes this journal entry of Garry’s:

Give more to others. Get outside “yourself.” Keep your heart open and have fun. Keep mind clear. Make it fun for them. Open heart, kindness, truth, compassion. Follow your instincts.

I’m sure you will enjoy reading the Lion’s Roar article as much as I did, and then share what you found to be entertaining and enlightening below.

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