Creative Visualization With Lisa Nichols

If you have plans for February 5th, you’re going to need to cancel them 🙂
Here’s why:
Lisa NicholsWe’ve convinced the #1 rated teacher from The  Secret – Lisa Nichols – to host a  Brand New LIVE  Class on Creative Visualization, along with our Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani.

And I’ve got you a free ticket 🙂 Click here.


This class will be HUGE – especially for fans of Meditation Practices (you’ll experience lots of “ah ha!” moments – all backed by science).
Join us live and you’ll discover a six step, dramatically powerful process you can use to:
1. Manifest more of your goals, faster.
2. “Reprogram” your subconscious beliefs.
3. Experience more gratitude & happiness.
4. Get “magnetised” to your deepest desires.
5. Accelerate your ability to create success.
We’re so excited to invite you…
And it’s free – just our way of saying “thanks” for being part of our Meditation Practices community.

But places are strictly limited.

So see what it’s all about and register for FREE if it seems like something that could help you.

See you there,

Dr. Jerome Freedman


P. S. You can also enjoy and learn a similar practice with Achieve Goals Guided Meditation here:

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