Curing Cancer with Viruses

Do you have cancer or do you know someone who has cancer? Do you know someone who has died primarily because of cancer?

In my family, cancer is rampant. My sister had leukemia and died at the age of 27. She left behind a husband and two young boys. Fortunately for the boys, her husband married her best friend.

My son had a Wilm’s tumor, a cancer of the kidney at age seven. Fortunately for us, he used “mind stories” to cure his cancer and still lives a cancer-free life.

My mother died at the age of 73 from an osteosarcoma, a bone cancer. She suffered tremendously after having her leg amputated. My father died at the age of 86 from bladder cancer.

I had muscle invasive bladder cancer in 1997 and again last year. I am now cancer free and I am undergoing “booster” treatments with a tuberculosis vaccine call BCG. This is an attenuated tuberculosis virus and I wonder if the mechanism is the same as present in this video.

The video is from the Emmy award HBO show, VICE and it is a special on curing cancer with viruses. The Vice Special Report: Killing Cancer shows how certain cancers are being cured with viruses.

The most astonishing story in my opinion was the treatment of leukemia in five-year-old Emily Whitehead at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This particular story brings back memories of my sister because of the leukemia. To think that she could have been saved with this treatment made me weep. Emily’s story also reminded me of Micah’s miraculous cure because she was seven at the time the video was shot.

Another story took place at MD Anderson, the Mayo Clinic, and Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. One of them cured a bone cancer and that could have saved my mother’s life before the amputation.

What other fabulous cures for cancer have you heard about? Have you followed my articles about the Nine Factors for Radical Remission and Self Healing With Dr. Lissa Rankin?

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