Dalai Lama Spoke Out on Climate Change

On October 20, the Dalai Lama spoke out on climate change from the top of the world. He called for action on climate change at COP21 – an international conference taking place in Paris on from November 30 through December 11. COP stands for Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The largest public gathering in history is planned for this event.

The conference hopes to obtain a universal, legally binding agreement that will enable us to combat climate change effectively and boost the transition towards resilient, low-carbon societies and economies.

The Dalai Lama brought the pivotal role of the Tibetan Plateau to our attention in this video. He said,

“This blue planet is our only home and Tibet is its roof. As vital as the Arctic and Antarctic, it is the Third Pole. The Tibetan Plateau needs to be protected, not just for Tibetans but for the environmental health and sustainability of the entire world.”

“This is not a question of one nation or two nations. This is a question of humanity. Our world is our home. There’s no other planet where we may move or shift.”

Acknowledging his advanced years, the Dalai Lama appealed to younger generations to “take a more active role in protecting this planet, including the Tibetan plateau.”

The water resources for most of Asia flow through the mountains of Tibet. He talked about the nature of human responsibility for the climate conditions that we now face.

I fully support the Dalai Lama’s statement and the efforts of COP21. We members of the Earth Holders Sangha and the Buddhist Climate Action Network are doing our best to get the word out and drum up support for a legally binding agreement between the nations in attendance. There is almost nothing more important on a global level than this.

How will you get involved and make your voice heard about solving the issues of climate changes?

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