ESP With Dean Radin

This Google Talk on ESP with Dean Radin may surprise you. In my way of thinking, supported by the Silva Intuition System, ESP does not stand for extra-sensory perception. It stands for Effective Sensory Perception.

This means that everyone of us can be trained to use our intuition in ways that only a few people in the past were able to do. It is possible through training for everyone with a strong enough desire to learn reference points within their minds so as to be able to be clairvoyant, clairaudient,  and clairsentient! These are all so-called “psychic abilities.”

The title of the Google Talk is “Science and the taboo of PSI [psychic abilities]” with Dean Radin. Dean is now a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He has had an interesting career as a violinist and an engineer.

Even though there is documented evidence of the effectiveness of PSI, the subject is still taboo, and informed consensus is constrained. For example, there are about 17,500 institutions of higher learning, only about 50 academics are interested in PSI, which is about 0.3%, BUT over 90% of the population is interested in the topic.

Here is a summary of the presentation.

  • PSI is a Taboo in Science
  • and has been neglected by scientists for decades
  • Intuition, telepathy, and PSI have been proven to be exist by over 130 years of study
  • but wider research needs to be done to prove their value to society
  • Even Skeptics agree that “something interesting” is happening
  • and that more research needs to be done to prove/dis-prove the theories

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Have you had any psychic experiences? What were they? How have they affected your life? Please share.

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