3 Minute Cancer Cure

This is the week of Thanksgiving and we are all thinking about what we are grateful for. If you live in the United States, you probably had a humongous meal on Thursday and are wondering why you still feel stuffed. As long as you are still thinking about gratitude, what are you most grateful for?

I have to say that the thing I am most grateful for this year is my good health. Just 10 days ago or so I had my annual urological checkup and learned that I am free of cancer. This has been going on for 17 years, which you already know if you read Stop Cancer in its Tracks: Healthy Cells Grow All by Themselves. I had bladder cancer in 1997.

Is it a coincidence that shortly after my extremely successful urological consult I would come across this video which contains an extraordinary cure for bladder cancer presented by Gregg Braden?

In this video, he presents evidence for a 3 minute cancer cure using a specific language of emotion at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic and Training Center, the “medicineless hospital” in the city of Qinhuangdao, China.

The three healers and the patient all believed that the healing would take place and that it had already happened.

Where was this information when I needed it back in 1997?

Gregg Braden was certainly turned on about this healing. He said that it was no longer a miracle because “there’s a field that connects everything together.” This field is the matrix that was suggested by Max Planck.

Perhaps this is just the nature of interbeing – the interconnectedness of all things.

What is your opinion about this 3 minute cancer cure? Is it a miracle? If not, then what is it?

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