Five Climate Ease Mindfulness Trainings

These Five Climate Ease Mindfulness Trainings were authored by Dharma Teacher, Heather Mann. They are related to the Five Mindfulness Training.

Five Climate Ease Mindfulness Trainings

A Sky View of Earth From Suomi NPP

[NASA] Satellite: Suomi-NPP
Sensor: VIIRS
Date: 9 April 2015

Protect Life
Aware of pain caused by the extinction of human and non-human communities, I will protect and dwell in harmony with Great Earth’s ecosystems so all species may live and thrive in complex patterns of interbeing. I will respect the integrity of ecological systems and not manicure nature to my own end.

Simple Living
Aware of pain caused by the unsustainable production and distribution of goods and services, I will live simply in the nested ecosystem that is my home, invest in locally and organically made essentials, and support local co-generation of green energy. I will not support private interests which maximize profits while harming communities, animal welfare, food safety, and ecological systems. Instead, I will trade material resources and services in regenerative economies—cooperatives, not-for-profits, and other collaborative entities—in service to planetary and societal well-being.

Sacred Conception
Aware of pain caused by actions pushing the ecological limits of Mother Earth, I will look deeply into the resources necessary to support new life, protect children of all species from overpopulation, and prevent the waste of food, energy, and material goods. Because life manifesting in the present moment is a dynamic process in which all participate, I will support democracy, share wealth and power, and find ways to nurture the global community of people, animals, plants, and minerals in my thinking, speaking, working, and playing.

Skillful Communication
Aware of pain caused by blocked, false, and unskillful communication, I will be present to the living earth and tune into messages from my ancestors, future generations, and the wisdom permeating the animate and inanimate universe. I will speak with skillful and loving words on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. Without anger, exaggeration, or sarcasm, I will lend my voice in protest against green washing–false claims things are ecologically healthy–and other forms of violence against the earth. Knowing freedom of speech does not equate to freedom to spend, I will speak out against the excessive influence of wealth as it favors private gain over planetary interest and causes personal and political distortions of democracy.

Preserving the Whole
Aware of pain caused by individual and societal fear, greed, anger, and delusion, I will cultivate a peaceful mind and the insight of inter-being in myself and others. I will nourish myself and others—human and non-human—as equal members of the world community. I will ask for help when I need it. Knowing an extractive and destructive global economy gives rise to increasing temperatures, species extinction, food and water shortages, poverty, and physical and mental disease, I will look deeply into the roots and results of my consumption, moderate what I consume to avoid harm, and promote nonviolent action for myself and my community to protect the welfare of all beings. I will aspire to give as much nourishment and loving kindness to Mother Earth as I receive.

Offered by Heather Lyn Mann to the Earth Holding #Sangha.

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