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The seventh of the 7 Principles of Mindfulness in Healing from the book, Healing with the 7 Principles of Mindfulness is to give back to your community when you are ready. Here is why.

When you are battling cancer or other illnesses, the last thing on your mind is to give back to your community or help others. You are so caught up in your own problems that you fail to look outside of yourself.

The Quest for the CureHowever, once you are feeling better, it is important to consider giving back to your community. This can take the form of volunteer work in your church or temple. You can also visit the people that you connected with when they are undergoing treatment or are in the hospital. You may even want to sign up to man a donation table at the shopping center to collect funds for the American Cancer Society and similar organizations. Also, many non-profits need help addressing and stuffing envelopes.

I can’t underestimate the value of giving back. For one thing, whatever you do is an act of generosity and authentic generosity gives much more than it takes. The joy of giving from your heart is an experience that you probably had many times in your life. About generosity, Dr. Roger Walsh writes, “The old wisdom is true–in giving to others we give to ourselves, and the happy result is what’s called a ‘helper’s high.'”

Another aspect of giving back is the expression of gratitude and gratitude is one of the most profound practices that you can master. It has the added benefit of greatly increasing your happiness. Thinking of three things that you are grateful for each day is an easy and fulfilling practice.

What kinds of volunteer work are you doing and how does it help you? Want more information? [Read more…]

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