Global Warming Is Still Happening

My dharma brother and fellow OI1 member, George Hoguet posted a link to a very technical article about global warming which is still happening and even at a faster rate than anticipated by the latest scientific assessment. The NASA study  reveals that “…Climate Sensitivity Is High So ‘Long-Term Warming Likely To Be Significant.’” [Read More…]

George seems to think that our species and others may be doomed to perish sometime in this century and wonders what to do about it. He asks, “Can I make any difference on this? Can we make any difference, or should we best serve by offering our practice as a way to transform the suffering and to strengthen communities for the future?”

Bhikkhu Bodhi, in several articles, such as Taking Action For The Benefit Of All Beings, and Who Will Feed The Hungry Children In America? talks about getting involved with these social issues by becoming engaged in helping other people understand the seriousness of the situation.

Tricycle Daily Dharma

Boundless Compassion | March 15, 2014

Traditional Buddhism describes boundless love and compassion as liberations of the heart that free us from ill will, cruelty, and indifference. They are called divine dwellings because those who practice them radiate holy wishes for the welfare, happiness, and security of all beings. Given, however, the gravity of the crisis that confronts us today, it is questionable whether the merely inward cultivation of such virtues is sufficient. If love and compassion don’t find expression in concrete action, they could remain purely subjective states, lofty and sublime but inert, unable to exert any beneficial influence on others.

—Bhikkhu Bodhi, “The Need Of The Hour”

 Bhikkhu Bodhi


In my way of thinking, the best way to take action is not by going out and buying a Tesla, although that would be lovely. I think the best way to take action is to not purchase any meat or dairy products produced by conventional methods of GMO crops, sprayed with RoundUp, and fed to livestock in crowed living spaces, with no place to roam on the range – that means you, Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Jack in the Box, and KFC.

Tell everyone you know about this and you’ll find that the number of children with ADD will drop exponentially. These companies, by their copious greed are taking away valuable rain forest land to raise cattle in situations which the soil is not suited. After a few years, nothing is left. No rain forest. No cattle grazing. Nothing. Just desertification taking place where there was once a vibrant rain forest.

What would you to help reduce the carbon dioxide production in your local area? Please share.

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