Guided Meditation For Mindfulness of Breathing


Having the right environment for meditation practice sessions can help enhance your experience. You are welcome to try different settings until you land on one that you feel especially comfortable in and easily relate to.

There is no need to set up a fancy alter or sit on the floor in the lotus position to do these practices, although some people like to do so.

It is perfectly acceptable to sit in a comfortable chair, lie down on the floor or on your bed, or take 9 minutes out from your busy day while you are sitting at your desk in your office.

Some practitioners prefer to light a candle or incense to augment their experience. This is also perfectly OK and people say that it helps.

You probably get the idea that what matters is that you do the practice without fussing about your environment.

Before you begin, be sure to turn off you cell phone and other devices so you won’t be disturbed for just 9 minutes.

If possible, close the door and request your friends and family not to interrupt you for at least 9 minutes.

Time To Practice

The best time to practice is in the morning just after you wake up. You may want to go to the bathroom, wash your face, and brush your teeth first. You may also want to do a few stretches to warm up a bit. It is totally up to you.

The second best time to practice is in the evening before you go to bed. You might want to do that in your living room sitting down so you don’t fall asleep before you go to sleep like my wife does sometimes! Then you will go to bed and probably have a wonderful night’s sleep.

However, any time you can find 9 minutes to sit by yourself is a good time to practice. Just don’t do something – sit there!

Guided Meditation For Mindfulness of Breathing

9 Minute Meditation - Part 1The video begins and ends with three sounds of the bell. The sound of the bell serves to bring about a relaxing transition from your daily activities to your time of meditation practice. These sounds are in addition to the 9 minute meditation.

Following the sounds of the bell, you are guided through six deep breaths.

Each breath is deep into your belly. With practice, you will learn to use this to almost instantly bring yourself back to the present moment.

Next, just after your breathing returns to normal, you will be invited to experience your body and come into the present moment. The instructions you get here are:

Withdraw yourself into yourself and become aware of your body…
Be aware of no other spaces but these spaces…
Be aware of no other times but these times…
Be here, be now…
Be here now! 🙂

Note: the ellipses (…) signify a pause for about the time for one complete breath or more.

Following these instructions, you will begin the actual practice.

In this guided meditation practice you will learn to follow your in breath and your out breath.

Breathing in, you will know you are breathing in. Breathing out, you will know you are breathing out.

Just please try not to take your worries, plans, thoughts, and fears into your meditation practice. These will all come up and there are instructions and methods to handle them. Since you will only be practicing for 9 minutes, there is really no need to fuss about them.

Mindfulness of Breathing – Part 1

Ready? Let’s begin.

We hope you enjoyed the guided 9 minute meditation and recommend that you continue to use it as long as necessary.

A period of 21 days for each practice is optimal for instilling the habit of meditation into your mind.

Every time you watch the 9 minute meditation, it will seem easier and easier to concentrate on your breath. Eventually, you will be able to do it from memory.

Once you are able to do the practice without watching the video, feel free to practice on your own.

If you run into a stumbling block, simply notice how you feel about it and return to listening again. After a while, you may be able to abandon the video altogether.

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