Happiness Boosters

These words of wisdom from Tal Ben-Shahar, an American and Israeli author and lecturer. He talks about happiness boosters, which are moments of instant gratification that inspire him to carry on with his life.

Ashana - Loving Kindness“In the past, I often reached a point where I felt depleted, when I had little enthusiasm for work (and sometimes even for life in general). The best cure, I found, was to inject a few happiness boosters into my daily routine. Today, rather than waiting for my energy levels to drop dangerously low before I take a break, I incorporate instant gratification into my life on a regular basis. These infusions of moments of joy do not merely make me feel better in the moment, they often create a current of enthusiasm and energy that helps me become more productive, more creative, happier.

The challenge, as it often is, is to find the right balance between delaying gratification, and grabbing it. I leave that to you…”
—Tal Ben-Shahar from Choose the Life You Want: The Mindful Way to Happiness

One of the best happiness boosters that I know is to take a moment to think of all the events and people in my day that I feel gratitude towards. Another one is to think about the most important people in my life – my wife and children and the people they love and hold dear.

We have a lot of happiness boosters coming very soon. My son will be married on October 31 for the first time. My daughter will be here from Spain with her Italian boyfriend and my brother will be here from Israel. This all begins next Monday!

These will be great moments of happiness!

What are your happiness boosters?

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