The Healing Power Of The Mind

Dr. Lissa Rankin gave an amazing Ted talk on the healing power of the mind.

But of course, since you are following these articles you already know this. Don’t you? Haven’t you read Mind Stories Helped Cure Cancer? or Can The Power Of Your Mind Help You Heal? These should convince you thoroughly.

For years, scientists have been trying to understand the healing powers of our brain. But it hasn’t been easy for them…

The more they search, the more mystified they’d become.

Like, can science explain how a simple sugar pill is able to trick the human brain to release a variety of chemicals needed to solve complex problems in a patient’s body?

Like how?

But what this skeptical scientist finally discovered is nothing short of magical. She then goes on to demystify the magic into simple steps you can follow starting today.

This interesting video by best-selling author and medical researcher Dr. Lissa Rankin, lets you see both the dangers and the benefits of your brain’s true healing powers.

What did you think of Lissa’s Ted talk? Did something strike you as being really important? How did you feel when she talked about the impact of good quality care on healing? Please share.

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