How to Relieve Your Sense of Urgency

This video from Positive Magazine teaches you how to relieve your sense of urgency as well as eliminate anxiety and worry.

Leo Buscaglia says, “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”

My friend, Dr. Marty Rossman in The Worry Solution says,

Worry is the most common form of suffering in America. It is a key component of anxiety and chronic stress, and is often the heart of overeating, alcoholism, cigarette smoking, drug abuse, and other compulsive but ultimately ineffective attempts to make it go away.

Anxiety is one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can have, and much of it is triggered by a “bad worry’ habit.

The Worry Solution

The Worry Solution – Dr. Martin Rossman

In the book, Dr. Rossman identifies “bad worry” as worrying about something over which you have no control.

I often find that the sense of urgency I feel distracts me from my meditation practice in particularly benign situations. I sometimes need to take some kind of action to relieve my sense of urgency. But, if I take a few deep breaths, become aware of my body and breathing, and bring my attention into myself, the sense of urgency, anxiety, and worry disappear.

Today we have a really beautiful meditation on Letting Go of Urgency, Worry and Anxiety. I really think you will LOVE it!

Remember to first, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for the next 10 minutes. Second, find a comfortable position to sit – it can be on a chair, crossed legged or on your knees, or lay down and when you’re ready, press PLAY.


Do you know how to relieve your sense of urgency, anxiety, or worry? If not try my Stress Relief Guided Meditation.

Stress Relief Guided Meditation

Discover a Revolutionary Technology That Lets You Experience All The Benefits Of Stress Relief Without Medication

You Can Easily Learn How to

  • breathe deeply from your abdomen
  • bring your attention into your breath, body and feelings
  • create a relaxing scene for you to return to at will
  • scan your body to achieve a state of total relaxation
  • recognize stress and the causes of stress
  • breathe into the stress and let it go
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